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Famous for its high standard of excellence, Creative Academy London is a part of the highly acclaimed beauty training centres throughout the UK offering award winning education from the industry’s leading brands, CND, Minx and MoroccanTan. 

We offer a comprehensive selection of education programmes dedicated to the complete novices wishing to enter the fantastic world of nails and beauty through to conversions, skills building and master classes for the already qualified beauty professionals.

All courses are accredited with CND, Minx and MoroccanTan certificates signed by your official CND Education Ambassador, Anna Lee and MoroccanTan Ambassador, Helen Burton-Ward.  Once your training has completed, we will continue to support you as a nail and beauty professional to help you build, progress and advance throughout your chosen career paths.

We offer the highest quality level of training by bringing our knowledge and expertise to our multi-cultural London based customers and to be able to partner with all communities including and specifically the SEA (South East Asian) community in nails and beauty. 

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CND Nail Training

Classes designed to provide the perfect foundation for a successful career. You’ll graduate ready to begin a new career as a CND Certified Nail Professional. 

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