How safe are UV lamps?  Check our facts

  •  Studies demonstrates the safety of a wide range of top selling UV nail lamps show that they are well within accepted safe levels.
  • Ultra-violet (UV) is divided into 3 main categories; UVA, UVB, UVC. Each of these categories defines a broad range of UV wavelengths found in sunlight. Only a small fraction of the many wavelengths in natural sunlight are useful to cure nail coatings. UV nail bulbs are designed to emit UVA, little or no UVB and never any amount of UVC.
  • UVA exposures in nail lamps were found to be equivalent to spending an extra 1.5 to 2.7 minutes in sunlight each day.
  • The measured UV exposure is so low that a person could once every day put their hand under a UV lamp for 25 minutes and it would still be within the “permissible daily occupational exposure limits”!
  • UV nail lamps are not tanning beds! They emit a much lower level of UV and your hands will never be tanned from the result of a UV gel or CND Shellac service.
  • Client hands are likely to be exposed to more UV when driving their cars than what they can expect to receive from UV nail services
  • Research demonstrates that the backside of the hand is 4X more resistant to UV than the forehand or cheek, making the backside of the hand the most UV resistant part of the human body, which even further increases the margin of safety.

Should a client express anxiety, nail technicians may consider doing the following to make the service more assuring:

  • Use a small piece pf cloth to cover hands when placing them in the UV lamp.
  • Wearing SPF15+ suncreams on their hands.

Information adapted from scientific expert, Doug schoon at


Creative Academy London holds CND Polished Nail training class for Team CND Nailympia

This year in Nailympia, there will be 2 teams representing CND in the Nailympia – Team CND London & Team CND UK. In the previous 2 years, Anna has helped to mentor some of her SEA students over the past two years through the Nailympia London competition. The results from the SEA girls in both years have been encouraging with girls being placed each year. 

Since then, she has had many requests from non-SEA students about entering competitions so this year, Anna wishes to take her dedication further and has formed 2 team CND to encourage the non-SEA nail techs to be more involved in the competition arena. 

polished nail1polished nail2
As with any other competition, training is essential. Anna organised a polishing class to make sure each member of the team are confident and understand the important factors they need to know about competing in a competition.

If you are interested in joining our Team CND to compete this year at Nailympia 2014, please contact Anna Lee, CND Education Ambassador - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CND Education Ambassador Anna Lee wins The Tom Holcomb Shooting Star Award 2014

In 2011, Scratch Magazine launched the Scratch Stars Awards, the first and only awards ceremony dedicated solely to the nail industry. A Scratch Stars Award is a sign of sheer excellence and prowess within the industry and sets the individual’s talent apart from competitors.

This year, CND Education Ambassador, Anna Lee from Creative Academy London was honoured the special Tom Holcomb Shooting Star Award named after the late, great nail tech Tom Holcomb. The award was awarded to Anna for her contribution to the nail industry by making it her mission to quash sterotypes of the South East Asian nail techs. 

Alex Fox, Editor of Scratch Magazine announced the award with a beautiful speech:  "This person from the moment they entered the industry has made it a mission to change the way people think, to be all inclusive, to support and build up minorities by bridging gaps and showing the nail world that we are one community made up of many – and this to me is significant, long overdue and a beautiful thing.

This person has given up untold hours of free time to growing industry standards, inspiring spirits and supporting tech’s journeys – her agenda, if she has one, is about supporting and helping others reach their goals, milestones and touch their dreams – she is loveable, kind, gentle, thoughtful and generous and I love working with her and standing beside her in this gorgeous industry.”

Anna was extremely excited to be honoured the recognition: “A few years ago, when I first became a CND EA, I decided to take on something that seemed impossible at the time -  I wanted to change the negative perception of the South East Asian (SEA) nail techs in the UK by helping them to better themselves through CND education. With 100% help and support from Sweet Squared, I set myself goals and work hard day and night to battle the rest of the nail industry with a vision that I sincerely believed in. Today, this award has won us that battle, and thanks to The Scratch team, the SEA nail techs are finally being noticed, recognised and accepted as a part of this huge industry.

I take this award not only for myself, but on behalf of CND, Sweet Squared and the thousands of SEA nail techs in the UK. I hope by receiving this award the SEA nail community in the UK can feel as proud as I am today; that this award will inspire and encourage more SEAs nail techs to strive towards their dreams and - exactly as it says on the award - 'to stand up and be recognised.'


11th May 2014